I can't see any visible damage, so how could my shower pan be leaking?

While grout between the tiles works to force most of the water down the drain, it's the shower pan liner underneath that provides waterproofing. This pan liner is installed just after framing the shower and before any mortar or other materials are installed.

When water inevitably seeps below the tile and mortar, it meets the pan liner to prevent leaks. Unfortunately, the pan liner may not be installed correctly or suffered a tear during shower construction.

Is a bathroom remodel a lengthy process?

The answer to this question depends on the amount of work requested. If our team only addresses one aspect of the bathroom, such as a tub to a shower conversion, it wont take as long as a full bathroom remodel. When we come out to give you an onsite estimate the time frame for your remodel will be discussed at that time. Please call us for an onsite estimate. 

Can I replace my shower using instructional online videos and materials myself?

While many home improvements don't require specialized knowledge, a bathroom remodel isn't one of them. Unless you have significant experience in framing, plumbing, and tiling, there are too many things that could go wrong. The materials themselves, especially tile, can be expensive and even more so if required to redo the work over again. Avoid the uncertainty of a leaky shower or tub and leave the bathroom remodels for us at Don's Diamond Tile.

If my shower pan is leaking, do I need a whole new shower?

No. we can replace the pan without demolishing the rest of the shower, if it is on the first floor and on slab. We cannot match color of existing tile and grout because of leaving old tile above. If any tiles are loose, cracked, or start to fall off due to work below, then a whole new shower will be needed.

Why are there so many people with stories of bathroom remodel nightmares?

There are a variety of reasons people hold strong opinions about bathroom remodels. Some have had a bad experience with a contractor; perhaps they encountered a leak or were surprised with additional costs. Bathrooms are tricky because they must contain water, steam, and moisture to function. Without professional services with highly skilled staff, a bathroom overhaul can become more challenging than some homeowners anticipated.

How can a homeowner identify a quality specialist for bathroom remodels?

There are a few ways to root out which contractors will provide the best results. First, customer reviews will offer you a fantastic resource for judging the reliability and artistry of a contractor. Secondly, when consulting with a contractor, you'll want to ensure they're working with you to realize your vision and provide you with a detailed plan of action. At Don's Diamond Tile, we've been in business for over 40 years with a stellar reputation and glowing customer testimonials, ensuring you're in safe hands.

What is Metal Lathe and Mud?

Even though your bathroom walls may look square, every wall isn't perfectly level. Homes shift, and the walls can bow out in sections which makes tiling more challenging. In contrast to materials that follow the contours of the wall, metal lathe and cement can be shaped by hand. Any bows or valleys in the wall can be leveled by adding or subtracting cement. 

Metal Lathe and Mud was used in the early years in home construction. If you have metal lathe and mud in your home, there will be a lot of dust during removal.

Some tile has cracked around my tub faucet. Can this be replaced?

Yes, we offer repairs to tile. Tile can sometimes become damaged around tub or shower faucets, and our team can repair these unsightly issues and have your bathroom feeling like new.

Plumbers only remove a few tiles. We have to remove more tile and go back stud to stud. The color of tile may vary from old to new tiles.

How much will my bathroom remodel cost?

Unfortunately, the answer depends on the job's scope, the materials required, and many other factors. 

If you discover water-damaged wood after removing my old shower pan, will you replace it?

Absolutely. Water damage causes wood to rot and reduces its ability to carry the load. To provide you a safe and lasting shower, we would replace the wood in the shower perimeter before continuing.

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